Celebrate You

Sometimes we get so busy with the everyday things that we just can’t seem to stop.

Several years ago, I had a great mentor. On our very first telephone call, I was talking a mile a minute, telling her about my life, business, and what I hoped and needed to achieve. When I came up for air, she said in her very slow Southern drawl: “Stop, Stop….I just want to celebrate you!

I thought she was crazy… here I had all these things to do and she wanted me to stop and celebrate?

In the months that followed, I found that taking time to breathe and celebrate was just what I needed. Sometimes we are so busy with the everyday, we just don’t take the time to appreciate what we have right.

I never thought that my music students would delight in the word “test”. But with the implementation of the Musical Ladder System, that is exactly what has happened. Over the last month I have given several tests. At the end of the test, we celebrated the victory with the presentation of their special musical wristband. For my students that have been here for many years, SEVERAL musical wristbands! All of them ask: “when is my next test?”

As I was getting ready to prepare a test for Derek, one of my very busy high school students, we realized that September marks his 10th year as a student at The Music Connection. When he completes his achievement test in a few weeks, he will receive armbands and as all Music Connection students who have an anniversary this year, a trophy commemorating his 10th anniversary.

As I present Derek with his 10 year trophy, I know I will say, “Derek, I just want to celebrate you!”

And I hope that Derek will take some time out from sports, AP class preparation, and his studies, to take a deep breath, to play something beautiful on the piano, express gratitude to Mom, Dad, and Grandma who have come and encouraged him all these years, and celebrate the joy of having and developing the skills to continue enjoy music for a lifetime.

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