It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When most of us older people read that phrase we think of the holiday song with that title. If I showed it to most of my school age students,  they would tell you in a heartbeat what THE most wonderful time of the year is.

NOW! JUNE! ! School is out and my summer is just beginning!

The late April-May-early June time of the year for “school year” people has turned out to be one of the busiest and often stress-filled time for us.

We know the school year is ending. And with it comes those times and events that signal closure: exams, tests, graduations, recitals, IMA competition, piano guild exams.

And yet, the beginning of the new season is upon us: baseball, sunny warm weather perfect for walks and runs.

And the end of the school year.

Yes, It is officially here: June 21. But the end of school will be the signal that it is here for most.

Through the last month, I have seen so many children and parents running from one activity to another to make sure that they follow through and honor their commitments. I have also seen many in overwhelm and feeling the stress of it all.

But summer is almost here. And when the graduations, exams, recitals and competitions are done, take a moment to just STOP.

STOP.  Take a walk, sit, breathe, look at the flowers and the trees. Laugh, listen to some music, play some games. Call a friend and just sit and laugh and visit. Cook out on the grill. Go to a baseball game, ride your bike.

Slow down the pace for a few minutes, hours, or days. For most, a summer vacation will provide us with that too.

And….more busy-ness as we sink into the new routines.. immersion camps, more time with Mom, day camp or the sitter.

And finding that in spite of the change of season, in spite of our too busy, in spite of our running, running, running, we can find the time to search our mind and spirit to connect to things that matter most.

For so many for us in this Music Connection community, we find that connecting to or finding music and art, is the something that does feed our souls. It matters to us and we can see that it does or will provide our children with that special something that enhances their enjoyment of life.

And now in summer, because there is no school, some of us are relaxed happy and even more ready to be with music and art: to rediscover our old friend that was always there: our piano or our trumpet, or discover a new friend waiting to meet us: a violin? A paintbrush?

For sure, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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