Just Sing a Song – Nov. 2019

I sat down several times to write the article for this month thinking it would be the normal-done with Halloween and onto Thanksgiving.

But for a week now, I have been in overwhelm.

So many things, so many good things, and yet so MANY things to do!

My usual get up early, read, and meditate has not done its usual job of leaving me in a totally peaceful state.

Then in the midst of things, I was suddenly transported to a different time.

I was home with my little toddler. It was winter. Our favorite show was Sesame Street.

I realize now that that show taught me more about living in the now than any book or seminar.

As I struggled to clear the breakfast dishes and clean the house, I heard the music come on. I stopped what I was doing, hugged my little toddler and we sat down to watch together.

It was Karen Carpenter and she was singing.

“Sing a song..Sing of happy not sad; sing of good things not bad…Make it simple to last your whole life long..Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear.”

“Just sing…sing a song.”

 And then, the world, the worries, the to-dos stopped as we watched, danced, and sang.

Stop, even for a little while.

Let’s sing a song.

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