Music Maestros 1 & 2

Music Maestros 1

Like Music Masters 3, Music Maestros takes all of the concepts of Music Masters 3 one notch up: independent musical play through rhythm instruments will include more complex rhythms and two part rhythmic ensemble playing. Ear training games are more specific, including beginning identification of musical intervals. However, song, dance, and fun are still an important part of the class! Music theory concepts such as dynamics, beat vs. rhythm, 1 octave scale, beginning piano keyboard geography, pre-music reading, and composition are introduced/reinforced through musical games, music picture books,written and flash card exercises, and some hands on piano experience with a few tunes! 30% discount for students if already enrolled in private lessons. Maestro students MUST first take Music Master III class or be 4 years of age to be eligible.

Music Maestro 2 

Children in Music Maestro 2 have taken Music in the Box or Music Maestro 1 and are currently enrolled as private music students in the prep program. In addition to music theory and music/movement, children also spend time in learning ensemble performance skills on their specific instrument.

If no table of classes is listed to register, or if you would like a different day/time for this class, please contact the studio directly.  

Locations:  TMC = Orland Park Studio     TMCFR = Frankfort Studio

Withdrawl Policy: Refund for withdrawing up to 3 weeks before class enrolled in starts, up to 1 1/2 weeks-credit only given, no refund or credit given for less than 1 1/2 weeks.

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