So many of my students greeted me with excitement when they came back for lessons in January. They had a new pet! We poured over the pictures with delight and smiles.

 I thought back to one of our pets, Spot. After work one day,  I went over to a friend’s house to see the her new baby kittens. I just came to look. I was not sure our family was ready for cat #2.
As I walked away from the kittens, thinking I would wait on cat #2, one little kitten followed me to the door. I turned around and picked him up.

“I’ll take him,” I said.

That first night home, the kids were so excited. Brian named the kitten Spot because he had black spots. We ordered a pizza. Spot was very excited about the pizza and walked right through the hot pizza. His paws got stuck in the cheese and he couldn’t get out!

We all laughed at the sight of the kitten in the cheese. Jeanine picked him up quickly and wiped his paws off. He became a beloved member of our family.

I’m sure many of you have great stories and memories of your pets too!
Thank you for sharing your favorite photos of your pets! So glad the pets are enjoying connecting to your music too!

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