The first snow; an unforgettable start to November 10th

November 9 was a beautiful fall day.  I don’t remember ever seeing so many beautiful sunrises. As I drove home late last night I saw an exact 1/2 moon that looked like a cereal bowl in the sky. But I found myself dreading endless snow and winter. Shoveling!
November 10 : It was after Vivian’s Friday 7:30 a.m. piano lesson. We had just finished an amazing lesson. Viv showed me her hard work on “Up on the Housetop.” We learned about how repeats were set up by reading the words.  She begged for another holiday song and she chose “We Three Kings.”  She thought it looked like too much but she was reading it within 5 minutes!  Next came her lesson on 5ths and she was able to not only play 5ths, but after practicing with mom’s help, she was able to execute her part at the steady tempo that makes duet playing easy and fun!! Finally, we ended with her showing me what she and Mom had accomplished with hands together Lightly Row. I assigned line 2. “Can we go on to starting the next piece,” she asked?  We devised a little ice cream game to make preview spots in French Children’s song fun and dessert for her practice.  As Vivian left her lesson, her Mom looked out the window. “Snow!”she said.  We all ran to the window. The snow coming down looks so beautiful. I ran outside and took a video of the snow gently falling so I could send it to my grandchildren in North Carolina who have still not forgotten what fun it was to lie down in the snow to make snow angels with Grandma!  I’m only 3 hours into my day and have already experienced joys of music, nature, and a goodbye hug from Vivian that took my breath away! I am so grateful for music, people and yes, snow.

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