The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Maybe because I grew up in a big family I have always loved to be around people. Sharing meals, interests, conversations, hugs, laughter, news, and experiences has always been what it is all about.

And music.

During the years, I have to say that the time leading up to the holiday concert are my favorite! Helping students choose music that is their special expression of their musical voice or introducing them to some new selections that will stretch them is so much fun! Often, their parents are there to help the selections along, plugging for certain favorites of theirs too. My students are always motivated to practice  by the beautiful music and the upcoming concerts.

I can remember many of our family get- togethers through the years and they always included music. Everyone thought it was so much fun to have me as the ready pianist to play any and all of their holiday favorites. Though no one was particularly amazing as a singer, they were never afraid to sing out! Everyone learned the tunes and the words.

Most every beginner I have ever taught has been highly motivated to learn Jingle Bells. In fact, that song is probably the one that I teach the most. It is so easy to learn by ear because EVERYONE knows it!

So on to our many concerts of the season, lots of Jingle Bells, happy memories and connections through our music at this most wonderful time of year!

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