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On October 25, 2018, The Music Connection’s adult group class, “Stringing  Along,” had their 2nd performance at open Mic night at Hailstorm Brewery.   During the performance, no one is surprised as me when the crowd so willingly embraces our music. Yes, we played several hits from the 18th century 🙂  In fact, it is an absolute pleasure to see the crowd stop their conversations to actually listen to the music! But after all, a violin/keyboard group is pretty unusual in places that typically feature guitar/vocals.

I always hope that we will have just the right pieces that the students and the audience will embrace and love, even if they might be unusual for the venue. 

I don’t know what was more fun; seeing the crowd clapping to the Orange Blossom Special, the trivia contest we had (sort of a name that tune from the classics), seeing everyone snapping their fingers to the Theme from The Addams Family, or when they all clapped and yelled loudly “Encore”. 

No wait!….. I do know what was the most fun..feeling SO proud of our adults. Getting out on a stage and performing is not something everyone embraces. And all of them started playing violins as adults. 

So I want to add my BRAVO!! And I also want to say, it reminded me of why I absolutely LOVE what we do. To meet others and share music making with students and our wonderful staff of teachers, to feel the joy of working hard and seeing the great results, for the camaraderie, the friendships, the music, the ability to touch and inspire others…

I can’t wait for the Holidays! 

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