Try It and See Article by Janet

Challenging ourselves to do things that are difficult or seem impossible whether you are 6 or 60 can be overwhelming. But taking one step forward is usually all it takes to create a little momentum.

Last year I told my staff that I would have a book done by the time I saw them the next year at their annual orientation. So last December, I began the process of creating and publishing a book for the first time.

Try It and See

The book’s title came from many families who called The Music Connection during those first several years.

“We are not sure our child will like this,” they would say. “Can’t we just Try It and See?”

So over the years, the Try It and See Classes was developed.

And many of the families who have come here came to try it and found that their children like it.

And…(yahoo and high five!!) the children’s book I wrote went on sale Amazon last Friday. It’s title?

Try It and See.

So this year, in the last quarter of 2018, I decided that I would also try another something I had been telling myself I would do for years.

Join Toastmasters.

It is an organization designed to support its members in their desire to become better at public speaking. Over the years I have become less fearful of public speaking, but I’d like to lose even more fear and actually have fun while learning to be better. I want to reach out to people and connect through sharing experiences, stories, and knowledge.

So Monday, I joined Toastmasters.

And I’m going to Try It and See.

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