Zooming In…

Through March and April 2020, student progress has been amazing.

And as a veteran piano and violin instructor, no one was more surprised or amazed than me.

Undoubtedly, students have more time to practice. 

All of my parents have become even more involved.

And..I have seen many parents actually improve their musical skill while helping their children! (High five to parents; several of my parents and are definitely showing major improvement in their own piano skills!!)

But, kudos to all of you! Teachers, parents, office staff, and students have all had to learn in new ways. And navigating through new is a skill that is not always easy.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve personally found while learning to Zoom in:

  • On line communities of teachers who willingly share their best practices to help students and teachers.  Many of these ideas are shared and appreciated by any good teachers and students who desire excellence.
  • Seeing you in your home environment; especially pianists seeing the instrument you practice on and posture has helped me recommend more specifics such as sitting on cushion and a proper footstool.
  • Helping you become more independent. With no teacher to tune the instrument in person, you have learned to do it with teacher assistance or with video instruction.
  • Taking more responsibility: all students know now to have a pencil ready to make their own markings in parts.
  • Learning to write the language of music: students are learning how to make their treble clefs, their pianos and fortes. It has become a necessity.
  • Social interaction: not being out; it is SO nice to see students and families. And our students are so glad to see us too. Hearing the news of a lost tooth, pet stories, and what you are reading is a part of life that we still get to experience with each other.
  • Learning to navigate on line. Learning on line with music lessons is not only doable, with a private teacher and great materials, it is still a viable format with some advantages!  
  • Getting to know you better: from your dogs, pianos, rugs, lovely art work, and seeing you play your instrument in your comfortable surroundings has actually made lessons even more relaxed.
  • Seeing your posture from different angles. Seeing your hand position and posture from various angles has been helpful in giving feedback in improving! 
  • Helping design individual learning to suit you. Making videos for students if they need them for home practice or sending a clarifying email makes practice more effective. For all of All of you, just ask.
  • More playing and less talking. Since we can’t play together, it is necessary to have longer periods of listening and focus. Children have figured out lots more when I step back a little more and that fosters self-reliance and independence skills.
  • Seeing families making music together as an enjoyable part of their family culture. (Yes, I know sometimes we have to remind kids to be patient and get along!)
  • Designing new programs for you and your families to encourage and engage students.


Most importantly, continuing to develop music skills to have the lifelong habit of music/art making. Thanks for Zooming in!!!


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